The Kerry-All Pouch

Why do you need a Kerry-All Pouch?

Does it rain or snow where you live? Can you afford to pick up or deliver building materials only when the sun shines?

Building supply dealers- how many rolls of single-use plastic do you use in a year? How much labor is spent wrapping those piles of baseboard trim, drywall and other products you have to deliver, rain or shine, to your customers?

You can load a Kerry-All Pouch in minutes. One worker holds the end of the pouch open, the other worker slides it in. In only a couple of minutes you’ve saved time and money. The Kerry-All Pouch is strong and durable, they will last for years.

And just as important- all those rolls of single-use plastic end up in the landfill… the Kerry-All Pouch is much more environmentally friendly.

Many building supply companies are portraying themselves as “green”, here’s a great way to help that image!


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