The Kerry-All Pouch is going to be on tv !!

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Our local cable television company shot a video clip of the Kerry-All Pouches today at a local building supply dealer. This dealer has been instrumental in helping me launch the various versions of the Pouch:

the original Plywood Pouch, the long and narrow Trim Pouch as well as an 8-foot Drywall¬† Pouch, or cover and a 12-foot model. They’ve tried prototypes and given me feedback which I’ve put to use in making the Pouches better for all my customers. For that, I would like to say a big thank you to Ron Young, Paul Winters, George Birt and the warehouse crew at Stratford Home Hardware Building Centres! Hopefully I’ll be able to put the video clip on my website for everyone to have a look at.

Stay tuned!!


Coming soon- the “Hurricane Pouch”!

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Do you live in one of those areas of the southern USA that gets hit by hurricanes fairly often?

Do you have a stack of ‘plywood shutters’ in your backyard that you’re keeping handy for the next storm that comes along?

Don’t you think that stack of expensive plywood sheets deserves to be protected?

Not only will my new Hurricane Pouch keep that stack dry and safe from the wind and rain, the woven polyethylene they’re made from is treated with an ultraviolet light inhibitor so they won’t break down in the sunlight like the old orange or blue tarps will.

Interested? Drop us an e-mail for more information.

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Very often I get an idea for a new style pouch from a potential customer (“can you make me a pouch to carry mattresses, metal signs, large amounts of money”…okay, didn’t get that one yet!). This is the beauty of the Internet; good ideas come from others and we end up helping each other. They get a pouch they really need for their job, and I’ve made a new customer.

And, hopefully, that new customer is a happy customer and will become a repeat customer. Other people see their pouch in use and say ‘I could use one like that’ and ask where they got it. They can then contact me and ask the same question- “can you make a pouch…” and the cycle begins.

This type of marketing can work with your product as well. One thing I tell each new customer is that if someone they know or are in contact with order a pouch, get them to mention their name. Then I send that original customer a cheque for $5.00 (for each pouch ordered). Word of mouth advertising is cost effective and it works! Give it some thought.

…and if you need a pouch for all the money you’re making with your business…give us a call!

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Do you haul pallets of bagged seed, livestock feed, fertilizer, soil, etc. in your pickup truck or on an open trailer?
Need something to keep the bags dry and secure?
The Kerry-All Pallet Pouch is what you need!
Take a look on my website for pictures and information.

Check out my totally new website!

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I totally trashed my old website and rebuilt it from the ground up. I am very happy with the results.

Take a look and let me know what you think!


See the Kerry-All Pouch on YouTube !

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Ralph Bagnall of has reviewed the Kerry-All plywood pouch and has created an awesome video showing how it is loaded and unloaded, and also his opinion of the pouch.

Check it out here:

Spring (and the wet weather) is coming!

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I know this is a time of year when people start to smile a little more… the sun is out longer, and the end of winter is in sight. Which is a big deal if you live in eastern Canada where the shovel and snowblower seem to be the tools, or toys, of winter.

This is also a time of year when hauling wood home or to the shop is tougher to do with all the wet roads.

This is where I can throw in a shameless plug for my Kerry-All Pouches…after all, this is my blog. But seriously, if you have ever had to get plywood, drywall or trim, or anything fragile from point A to point B, you know how hard it is to use a roll of plastic or a tarp and a bunch of bungee cords.

Take a look at my website,, you may be glad you did!

Mention this blog and I’ll even give you $10 off your first pouch (you’re gonna want more than one style when you see how handy they are!).

Enjoy the sunshine… or rain!