Very often I get an idea for a new style pouch from a potential customer (“can you make me a pouch to carry mattresses, metal signs, large amounts of money”…okay, didn’t get that one yet!). This is the beauty of the Internet; good ideas come from others and we end up helping each other. They get a pouch they really need for their job, and I’ve made a new customer.

And, hopefully, that new customer is a happy customer and will become a repeat customer. Other people see their pouch in use and say ‘I could use one like that’ and ask where they got it. They can then contact me and ask the same question- “can you make a pouch…” and the cycle begins.

This type of marketing can work with your product as well. One thing I tell each new customer is that if someone they know or are in contact with order a pouch, get them to mention their name. Then I send that original customer a cheque for $5.00 (for each pouch ordered). Word of mouth advertising is cost effective and it works! Give it some thought.

…and if you need a pouch for all the money you’re making with your business…give us a call!


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