I thought, since I like to write a bit now and then, that I would create a blog with the theme of my Kerry-All Pouches in mind.
What is a Kerry-All Pouch, you ask?

Well, if you’ve ever had to buy a sheet of plywood, drywall, or something from a building supply store and it’s raining (or snowing- this is PEI), what are you going to do?

This used to happen to me a lot. I’d be making a cabinet for a customer, or myself, and need something at the local building supply store. Back then I had a pickup truck (Big Red, my daughters used to call it when they were small), but it only had a 6 1/2 foot box, and a sheet of plywood is 8 feet long. If it’s raining, or snowing, or even if the roads are wet, chances are you’re going to splash a little bit of something on that bare plywood.

did you ever try to sand dried water spots off a 1/4″ sheet of oak plywood? Damn near impossible. And heaven help you if you don’t notice it and put a coat of stain on it- you may never get them out, unless you sand so much you run the risk of going right through the finish veneer layer.

So, being Internet savvy, I sat down at the keyboard and decided to find something to use, to carry my plywood home nice and dry to the shop. I looked for days and days. I know, why not just use a tarp? Well, you could, but how much work is it to take a tarp at least 9′ x9′ square, fold it in two over the sheet of plywood (especially if you’re alone- the warehouse guy just went for coffee), then find the bungee cords under the seat of the truck (oh, that’s where the rest of that Big Mac went!), and then wrap it all up?

So, I thought, why not create something? The tarp idea is good to a point, let’s start there and make it better. So, out comes the old-fashioned paper and pencil.
Let’s see, we want something to put the plywood in…
Brainstorm #1 — “in” …okay, hmm, how about a pouch. How do we make a pouch out of a tarp? Fold it in two. Good plan. How do we hold it together? Glue? Naw, too messy. Staples? Won’t last long enough.
Brainstorm #2– sew it! Gotta find someone with an industrial sewing machine.
But how to seal the open end?
Brainstorm #3 -Velcro, the world’s favorite fastener…

And there you have it- the Kerry-All Pouch. Take a look at them on my website:

More to come in the following days….


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